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“I’m a very visual person, so Tracks really helps me keep things up to date and spot deals that are going stale”

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Designed for Highrise

Tracks is a sales pipeline tool. If you use Highrise and manage a team of sales people then you’ve come to the right place. Tracks helps you get a better view of deals that are hot, and deals that are not.


Tracks sends you email prompts that give you the low-down on deals that need some love and deals that are closing soon. The prompts are designed to keep you up to date.


Organise your deals by sales stage to give you a better picture of your sales funnel. If you need to move a deal to a different stage, you can update it in Highrise or drag and drop it in Tracks. Easy.


Tracks operates a two way sync with Highrise. Your sales team can keep doing what they do and you’ll get a better insight into what’s hot and what’s not. It is hassle free.


You win some, you lose some! Tracks helps you understand what you’re winning and what you’re losing. You can also see who in your team is converting the most.


You can connect the Tracks Closing Date to a Highrise Custom Field and it will help you forecast your future revenue. Knowing what’s due to close and when gives you peace of mind.


If you want to do further manipulation of your deals in Excel then you can. You can export things like when the deal was added, status, closing dates, confidence levels and more.


If you get stuck then you can email us at [email protected] We’ll get back the same day and you can expect a reply from the people that are building Tracks. No robots employed here, sir.


Tracks costs $25 per month

There are no user limits or other restrictions

You get 25% off if you sign up for a year

And a 30 day money back guarantee


Designed for Highrise